We are a registered charity that aims to provide a high quality, affordable counselling service to the local community. This provides access to a valuable service to many who could not otherwise afford it.

We rely on client contributions, donations, sponsorship and fundraising activities in order to meet the costs of providing this service. Whilst the agreement of fees forms part of the individual contract between client and counsellor, the following represents a guideline to our expectations regarding fees from clients whose household income falls into the typical average income for the area.
The current standard fee for this is £40.00.
Counselling fees negotiable between: £20.00 – £45.00 per session.
Those who feel that they may benefit from counselling but for whom such fee levels would be genuinely beyond their means are nonetheless very welcome at the Centre. In the current economic climate the Centre has naturally lowered its expectations in respect of typical individual client contributions and will endeavour to extend its charitable objectives to all those who may benefit from counselling but who may otherwise not be able to afford it.